I got nothin…

Work has been a roller coaster ride the last couple of weeks.  I decided that even though things were sucking canal water, at least I know the worst of it. Still not sure what’s possessing a certain someone to behave like Sybil (remember the movie/book from – what was that the 70’s? where the main character had a multitude of personalities?) but I think it’s gotten better. Either that or I’m just numb to it now.

Mike had a bad night the other night but he seems to have gotten over that cold/flu thing finally.

We went over to Dennis’ for fajitas last night. Scott cooked. It was fun but you know how I feel about leaving the house once I get home…  LOL.

So, really, I have nothin. I’m just trying to get through the end of the month when the first phase of the project will officially be done.


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