Well I certainly am glad that’s over…

My work week, that is.  Horseshit does not begin to cover it.  I like that word, though.  My dad uses it all the time to describe everything from how he feels to what’s currently on TV.  And it sure fits the way the past few days have been.  But I’m home now…  too bad I have so much to do and instead am parked in my chair, watching tv, surfing the web and complaining.

Tomorrow Ryan’s coming over to take some photos.

I really don’t want to leave the house this weekend (so what’s new?!) but I think we’re heading up north on Sunday…  well, if Mike is feeling up to it that is.  He’s still sick. That could be because he’s had to leave the house at 4:15 every morning this week.  Same for next week.  Which makes me feel a little guilty for complaining about my job…  but just a little.

My big project for the weekend is to find that damn sewing machine foot pedal – AGAIN.  This time I’m gluing it to the sewing machine!

By the time I find it, I will have forgotten what I wanted it for…


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