Fingers Crossed…

I was called for jury duty this week and next.  So far I haven’t had to report – although I did have a close call on Tuesday.  Everyone I work with thinks I’ll get tossed out with the first question or two.  I have joked about spilling my purse so my conceal carry permit and pocket Constitution fall out, but I wasn’t serious (at least I don’t think I was…).  I may be a tad outspoken so I doubt I would end up on a jury, too.  The only benefit to the whole thing was the possibility of time away from work.

Things continue to be very stressful at work. I still feel like I got the shaft and my confidence is severely shaken. I need to learn to shut up more and stop letting my boss in on my true feelings.  I should have learned that over-sharing just causes problems based on this experience but sometimes I just can’t seem to help myself!

Anyway, there is one possible bright spot.  We’re running out of room so I may get to work from home at least one day a week.  I picked Wednesday so I could attend weekly lunch with Mike, Gary, Scott and Dennis. Plus Wednesdays tend to be slower than the other days.  I would also love to work from home on Friday but Christine beat me to that day.  LOL.

Since I thought I was going to have to report to the courthouse on Tuesday, I worked from home. I set up my own office in the bedroom a while back. I LOVE Mike’s computer but I hate his office so this was a much better idea. Plus he doesn’t always want to share. LOL.

Here’s a photo of one of my favorite parts of working from home. I can have coffee by just walking around the corner and pushing a button. Plus – I don’t have to walk past my former boss’ office (even though his door is closed 99% of the time!)



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