Jury Duty Tomorrow?

We’ve lived in our house (and Anoka County) for a long damn time.  I finally got a summons for Jury Duty last month.  My “commitment” started today but I didn’t have to report.  Well, that may be changing tomorrow.  I called in just after 4:30 and the message stated I may be required to show up tomorrow afternoon for orientation. But I won’t know until 10:30.

Now I get that this process is much better than it used to be. I don’t have to just go sit there until they decide they do or don’t need me…  but I only have a 15 minute window tomorrow to call and if I have to report, I need to be there by 12:15 I believe.  So, what, people don’t eat lunch when they serve on juries???

I’ll be working from home in the morning to make getting to the courthouse easier if I have to show up in the afternoon.  I’m guessing I’ll have to show up there in the next two days either way…


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