Oh yeah, this happened

I don’t think people leave jobs because they don’t like the work. They leave jobs because people in management positions do things that cause extreme frustration and those same people just brush off the frustration.  Case in point:

I knew my cube was going to be cut in half… only because I happened to run into the person from Facilities speaking with our Admin (and noticed she had a blueprint in her hand).  On Tuesday of the previous week I was informed by the new guy that shares a wall with me that they were going to be cutting my cube in half soon.  The very next day (while I was working from home) I got a call from James, who shares the other wall with me, informing me they were doing the work the next day starting at 8:30 a.m.  At no time had I actually been approached or notified of this work directly.  So the next morning I raced around clearing out my cube before 8:30 a.m. Only to have my former boss put a stop to the work TEN MINUTES before they were supposed to start.  Not only was this a huge issue for me since I spent most of the previous hour cleaning up and packing up, but the other two guys worked from home and made other arrangements for their laptops to remain plugged in somewhere since the power to all three cubes was supposed to be shut off.  And what was Bossman’s response to this?  He said – and I quote – “we’ll just roll with it”.  Um, yeah, who’s going to do that then?

Not that it will do any good, but in protest I left pretty much everything packed and brought it home.  I’m not being a big baby over one thing… this was kind of the last straw in a long line of annoying things that have just been passed off as being unimportant.  I’m so done…

And the reason the work was stopped?  Because another team is moving off the floor so there will be plenty of cubes available in a couple of weeks.  So I’m going to be moving again soon.  At least this time my few personal items will fit into my purse!


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