Inadvertent Snow Day?

I took the day off. It was either that or end up in jail. Because I was contemplating doing away with some people at work. Pretty sure that’s a violation of at least one rule.

I had planned to sleep in and then go to lunch with Mike, Gary, Scott and Dennis.

Then this happened:

And Mike had to go to work. And he got stuck at the end of the street.  He came back home to get me and the shovel. Luckily (for me) Dennis showed up at about that time to plow our driveway (I LOVE YOU, Dennis!). I sent him to the end of the street to dig Mike out and went back to bed. Okay, not really…  although I am sitting in bed as I type this. I was dressed and awake so I made myself coffee, put my out-of-office on my work email, and turned on the ID channel. I don’t plan to move from this spot except to refresh my coffee. The end.


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