The end of an era… sort of

No, I’m not making a reference to Whitney Houston.  It’s sad that another talented person died too soon. But that’s not at all what this post is about.

Mike isn’t working Saturday afternoons anymore.  Yeah, kind of a let-down after that opening, huh?

He’s been working a split shift on Saturday for years.  Which means I plan all my errands around his being gone.  Now he’s THERE.  It’s kind of weird…  Yesterday he went with me to get groceries. I plan my Saturdays around his nap time.  What the heck am I supposed to do now???

I’m not complaining about having him home.  I just need some adjustment time! Now he’s going to realize I actually spend Saturday afternoon in my chair watching ID. I may actually have to do a load of laundry or something. Dang it…


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