I must be out of touch…

I haven’t been to the movies in a long time. The last movie I saw in the theater was a cartoon.  Pretty sure it was Rango. Nothing that’s come out this past year was worth seeing – other than Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (which I saw twice). I finally saw Bridesmaids on DVD and I just didn’t think it was all that funny.  I thought the best friend was a pathetic self-centered brat. The only funny part of the movie was the gal that plays Molly on Mike and Molly. Now she was funny. The rest of the cast not so much.

We had planned to go see Margin Call when it came out but just never found the time. We got it on Netflix this past weekend and now I’m happy we didn’t spend a chunk of money seeing it in the theater. It could have been good, but it was just okay. Not a good explanation of the financial crisis as it had been presented to be.  If you didn’t already know some of the back story, you were left going WTH.  And I kept expecting more from Kevin Spacey. Even though his acting is kind of hit-or-miss.

So, I’m pretty sure I won’t be going to the theater again until another cartoon comes out – or for Atlas Shrugged Part 2 (due out April 15).



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