How did it get to be December already???

Things have been really crazy all year. I’m absolutely NOT doing any kind of retrospective of 2011. Let me just say I will not be sorry to say goodbye to it. This has been a rough year and one I’d prefer never to look back on.

But what’s been happening lately? It’s pretty much been all about work. Not doing a rant… just stating that it’s also been rough.

I guess the biggest news lately is this:


Mike’s car bit the dust a couple weeks ago. With only a little over 350,000 miles on it. Can you believe that?! Seriously he did think he’d get further with it, but it was 10 years old so I guess we got our money’s worth. He took the VUE and I was going to try to get along without replacing it. I lasted almost two weeks. Then I gave in and got this 2012 Ford Flex. My first-ever Ford.  And guess why I got a Ford?  Yeah, mostly because NO GOVERNMENT BAILOUT MONEY! Yeah, I know, but I was really having a hard time living with the idea of General Motors. Besides, they killed Saturn so no more of my money will go there. Ever. Well, I guess it will will until the VUE is paid off. But no more new cars ever!


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