My crazy summer…

I can’t believe it’s already a week into August.  I have no idea where the summer has gone.  I’ve been running around, meeting friends, doing stuff but still not feeling like I’ve accomplished much.

Two weeks ago I went with Ryan, Claudia and Kim to the World Wide Photo Walk.  Had a great time, entered the contest, forgot all about the contest and bought the t-shirt just for fun. Seriously… there is a t-shirt and I have it.

Last weekend Claudia photographed a wedding.  Kim and I went along to help. But we both ended up doing more of our own photography and sort of not doing the help part. Or at least not as much as I wish I had done. I did get some great video and a handful of pretty good photos. The finished product will be done later in the week. I got Ryan to help me with that this afternoon. Then I pretty much dumped the rest of the project on him.  THANKS for “helping” me Ryan!

Here’s one of my photos from the wedding:

Next weekend I have plans to meet my friend Cheryl.  Not sure where or exactly when but hopefully I will remember to send here a note this week.  Saturday night is also my 30th high school reunion.  The last time I checked there were only about 30 people signed up – out of a class of over 800.  I said I would go, but…

I have other things going on this week. Ryan and I are going to see Serenity and we’re getting yummy food at Let’s Dish.  I’ll have to remember to bring my camera so I can blog about it later.


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