This involved fire!

I recently picked up another jewelry making book.  It’s called Metalworking 101 for Beaders.  One of the projects I chose to attempt turned out like this:

The clasp is supposed to be a flower with a bee.  Here’s a closer look:

I started with a sheet of 24 guage Sterling Silver and  cut out the flower.  I should have taken pictures of that, but I had enough trouble cutting all that detail with a jeweler’s saw without trying to add a camera to the mix.  After I got all the parts cut I polished it and then put it into Liver of Sulfer to give it a bluish cast.  Then I cut the bee’s body out of a piece of brass.  That was easy to cut, but a pain in the butt to polish because it was so small.  Next I cut the bee’s wings out of the piece of SS I used earlier.  Then I made a ring out of some square wire and attached it to the back of the body, and finally I attached the wings to the body.  I lost the wings twice while I was trying to polish them.  In fact, I have an extra set because I couldn’t find them and I got tired of looking  so I made another pair.  Naturally the original set turned up when I dropped the brass bee body for the 53rd time.

Here’s what it looks like when the necklace is not clasped:


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