I’m so lucky…

Yesterday I  received an email from the security guard letting me know there were flowers waiting for me.  I guess that sounds kind of weird, but we don’t really have a central location that the public would know about.  So deliveries end up with the guards who sit near the stairs leading to the basement.  Anyway, when I walked up to the desk, there was a huge bouquet waiting for me.

Here’s one of the photos I took:

And here’s another:

Mike had them delivered for Valentine’s  Day.  He wanted me to have them at work for the week instead of just giving them to me on Saturday.  That way I can enjoy them all week and not have to haul them around myself.  They’re in a beautiful orange vase which will be used every week this summer once the Farmer’s Market gets going.  The colors make me very happy and I can almost believe summer will show up some day.


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  1. gnubee
    Feb 10, 2010 @ 21:34:14

    Oh sweet, can’t get much cheerier than that!! Especially this time of the year for us both. I’ve been thinking about you this week. We not only share a brain, we share in our loses. And yet…summer will come again.


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