What a difference 50 degrees can make…

And no, I’m not saying it was 50 degrees… that would be the difference between what the temperature was up to last week and what it was yesterday.  In honor of the big change I actually left the house!  I met Claudia and Val for coffee.  We haven’t seen each other in ages so our conversation over coffee lasted a couple of hours.  Then we went shopping and wrapped up our day by having lunch at Biaggi.  I didn’t realize until almost the end of our day together that I was carrying my camera in my purse.  DUH.  I did snap a shot of each of them but they were too blurry to use.  So instead I will leave you with a shot of the inside of the restaurant:

P.S. to Claudia and Val:  Thanks you guys!  I had a blast and I can’t wait until we can do it again.  LOVE YOU BOTH!


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