Seven things…

Claudia nominated me for a creative blogger award.  I  couldn’t follow the rules of the contest because I don’t really “know” any other bloggers besides her, but I will do the seven things part.

The idea is to tell you seven things you might not know about me:

1.  My secret desire is to be a singer in a rock band.  Think Stevie Nicks without the platform boots and crazy outfits.

2.  I do really stupid things but hardly ever feel embarrassed about them. I trip up stairs, and over rocks but it rarely bothers me.  Even that time I took out both knees in the new white pants and put a gash in my hand.

3.  I have absolutely no sense of direction and get get lost going around a corner.  Okay, you probably know that one if you’ve known me more than 5 minutes.

4.  I am a packrat.  In spite of watching hours of Clean House, I still find it difficult to part with crap from 5 years ago.  I’m working on it though.

5.  I sometimes wish I had to courage to find all my siblings. 

6.  I enjoy going to the gun range.  I don’t consider myself a wingnut.  I believe the 2nd Amendment means something.  I refuse to apologize for that!

7.  I wish I had continued taking pictures after high school.  And, I’m finally willing to admit (out loud so to speak) that I wish I had switched to digital sooner.  But, I will NEVER completely give up my film cameras!


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