The Christmas that kind of wasn’t…

Christmas ended up being much different than we thought it was going to be this year.  Christmas Eve at Dennis and Darlene’s was filled with a few more people than we thought.  There was a little bit of a last-minute scramble with the food.  But it was a fun evening spent with family and that’s what really matters.

Christmas Day was originally scheduled for Shane and Julie’s but was postponed until…  well, that’s a good question.  When was it supposed to be?  We must have gotten our signals crossed because we left the house on Saturday and headed over there, only to find NO CARS out front.  So, instead we went to the Machine Shed and had a quiet lunch – just Mike and I.  We had stopped in to visit Ryan and Ripley before heading to Woodbury, so after lunch we just went back home.  I got a Kindle from Mike and Ryan so I finished reading “The Little Pink House” sitting in my chair under my new heated throw (thanks Mom!).  Mike watched all kinds of Youtube videos on the new Tivo Ryan and I got him.

We were actually supposed to have gone to the casino to meet up with my cousins on Saturday, but the roads weren’t that good and I kind of refused to go.

Today we went to my Dad’s and had our Christmas with him.  I guess I messed up and made the wrong potatoes.  And didn’t realize the drippings were in the fridge so there was no gravy.  So, like I said, things didn’t end up being the way we thought they were going to be.  But in the end, I was fine with hanging around the house, spending time with family (even if it wasn’t everyone we’d planned to spend time with) and not stressing out too much. 

Here’s a cute picture of Ripley just because it was on the memory card in my camera.  Ryan took this one:


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