I’m just thankful there’s no video…

I’ve had a bad couple of days when it comes to being graceful (or seriously NOT).  Sunday Ryan and Mike and I went to the gun range.  Mike watched while Ryan and I shot.  It was a blast (no pun intended) right up to the point where the shell casing from a very large caliber handgun flew down the front of my tank top.  I reached my hand in to flip it out because it was HOT and I managed to flip it right into my bra.  I would have been laughing, too, but it was kind of painful.  And embarrassing.

Which brings me to Monday night.  There’s construction everywhere downtown.  It’s getting kind of old.  So, anyway, I was on my way to meet Mike and managed to trip on the uneven roadway, landing on my hands and knees and scraping the crap out of both.  I tore the knees in my WHITE pants and had blood running down my hand from the tear there.  All in all it was not a fun way to end the workday.

So, obviously there are no pictures.  I’m thankful Ryan didn’t get his camera phone out in time for the shell casing incident.  I’m pretty sure my graceful trip across 8th Street is on video somewhere.  I just hope it’s not U-tube!


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