Groceries – and then some

Recently my Dad decided grocery shopping was too much for him, so Mike and I have been getting his groceries every couple of weeks.  The list is usually pretty standard and contains many things he shouldn’t have with his diabetes, but since eating is about all he does for entertainment, we don’t nag him too much about his choices.  So tonight, after dropping off the bananas, donuts, cinnamon bread, banana bread (my bad, he just wanted bananas AND bread, not a combination of the two) and about a dozen TV dinners, I reached into one of the many bags of groceries that have been sitting in the living room from when he did his own shopping and I grabbed something to eat on the way home (since I hadn’t had any dinner).

Please notice the date on this package:


Really makes me wonder what might be at the bottom of the freezer…


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  1. gnubee
    May 17, 2009 @ 23:17:18

    What the…? Did you see the date first or look after you tried them?
    Totally sounds like my something my Dad would have had in his cupboard! I think it’s a generational thing. Do you think our’s will be crafts? Can you just hear our kids… just how many projects did she start and never finish (or only made one of).:P


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