Morning Sky

There are several places along my route in the morning that just beg to be photographed.  There’s a spot on 4th Street coming off the freeway where you can see all of downtown and the sun hits everything just right.  Unfortunately I don’t think the bus driver will stop on the off ramp so I can take a picture.  Once we got downtown I noticed a Great Horned Owl on the top of one of the buildings.  By the time I fumbled my camera out of my bag (and catching it in my iPod and getting myself all twisted up) the bus was moving again and I missed my shot.  And then it occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t a real owl but rather a fake one used to scare off pigeons.  I’m bringing my other camera with me tomorrow – just in case it was real.  Although what are the chances it would be back at the same spot?

After all that silliness, this is the only shot I got today:



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