Maybe I SHOULD start reading manuals…


I hate reading manuals.  Well, maybe it’s more that I would rather figure it out for myself so I end up not reading a manual until I either get totally frustrated or I figure it out.  So here’s where that attitude bites me in the rear sometimes…

See those pictures above?  Well, they were both taken with the same camera at about the same time.  The only difference is well, duh, one is black and white and the other is color.  The funny part about that though is that neither of them were altered.  This is the way they came out of the camera.  I JUST realized I can take black-and-white photos with my little point-and-shoot Nikon camera.  The one I’ve been carrying around for months now?  And never bothered to read the manual for?  Yeah, that one.

So, Claudia, you’re not the only one that has a camera that can do cool stuff.  If only we’d read the manuals sooner!  I wonder what else those little babies can do!?


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