Spa Day

Today I went to Adevia Spa with my cousin Rhonda.  We had pedicures and parrafin wax treatments on our hands.  It was a very nice place (a bit on the pricey side since it’s a spa).  We had fun, but there was one odd thing that really threw me and I’m not sure I would go back there because of it.  I get pedicures all the time during the summer so I was expecting to have to stay a little longer for the polish to dry (because we would have to put on shoes and socks rather than sandals), but I was not expecting to have to sit there for 45 MINUTES while my toes air dried.  I mean, come on, the “cheap” nail salon down the street has a dryer for crying out loud.  By the time our toes were dry, they were also freezing!

After we left the spa, we went to lunch and then to Tanger Outlet Mall where I made a nice dent in my next paycheck.  That’s a joke…  sort of…  I did get a few things.

We had a really fun day and I hope we can do it again soon.  But next time I’m checking for dryers before I take my socks off.


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