Christmas Goodies


These are the two “geek gifts” I got for Christmas.  Ryan got me the Ipod.  Sadly it seems to have a bug so it has to go back tomorrow.  Some of the songs sound like they’re being sung underwater.  I did all the troubleshooting steps but it still sounds funny.  So, tomorrow I’m heading over to Ryan’s so we can exchange it.  And he can get lunch out of the deal.

The other thing is a Speedlight flash for my Canon camera that Mike got me.  Well, actually, he got me a gift card for National Camera and I went and picked out the flash.  Sadly I haven’t been taking pictures like I meant to lately.  I had planned to walk down to the river today and get some shots of the trees and snow.  But, um…  it was like 10 degrees out.  That’s just not right.  So, instead I stayed inside where it was toasty warm.  Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow as it is supposed to get all the way into the 20s.  Yippee.


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