It looks like fudge…


It smells like fudge…


It tastes like crap!


I have no idea why, but I cannot make fudge.  And believe me, I’ve tried.  It either turns out as chocolate soup or in today’s case, something even worse.  It’s in the bottom of the trash now.  Even that may be too good a place for it. 

So, if anyone out there has a FOOLPROOF (read: Michele-proof) fudge recipe, please email it to me.  Michele@Stuffbymichele.com

At this point I’m even willing to try the marshallow creme recipe even though I HATE marshmallow creme.  Either that or I’m just going to order it from Savannah Candy Kitchens and pretend it’s my own.

Thank goodness, these turned out!


Here’s the recipe.  It’s so easy even I can’t screw it up:



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