Why there aren’t any new pictures…

Just thought I’d give you a quick update on the things happening around my house.  I was all happy last week scanning a bunch of old negatives and slides from trips past and then all of a sudden the computer shut itself down.  That was kind of odd, but I thought little of it until it happened again.  Turns out the CPU fan cacked (that’s a term one of my former helpdesk coworkers coined) and needed to be replaced.  Which involved Ryan and TWO trips to the computer store.  Thankfully it’s back online again AND now there’s a UPS attached to it (uninterruptible power supply for those non-nerds reading this) AND I backed up the entire hard drive to an external source so even if it cacks again, I will not lose all those photos.

Ryan’s remodel project has also grown a little, but Scott is handling all that so it probably won’t involve me until it comes time to buy more supplies.  It’s funny how you fix up something and then something else looks that much worse, so you end up adding a new project that you never intended to tackle. 

Hopefully I will get some time to play with the scanner this week so I can add some new old vacation photos.  Until then, please amuse yourself by reading the blogs in my blogroll.  Turns out Tootsie Farkelpants IS funny!


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