Status on the Remodel Project

I don’t have a picture handy, plus it would frighten you to see what the house looks like right now.  All the livingroom/dining room walls are down to the studs, and so is the attic bedroom.  We tore out the closet in the attic and it really opened up the room.  But that was before we got down to the weird insulation.  The fun part was uncovering what appear to be proof sheets from the St. Paul Dispatch newspaper, dated August through October of 1938.  The only bad part of that discovery was that the boys wanted to read more than they wanted to demo.  But, thanks to Scott, we got most of the insulation out and only have a few hours of work to do this weekend.

The electrician from Spark wasn’t available, so cross your fingers that the other guy is both reasonable and available!


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